Innovative research and development
  • Technological innovation

    Technological innovation

    Technology Innovation Innovation drive forward.

    We make use of the cutting edge information and superior technology, and innovate to meet the need of environment protection, comfort and light weight for automobile.

  • R & D capabilities

    R & D capabilities

    Through a series of innovative practices and accumulations, we have accumulated rich experience in modeling design, structural design, manufacturing engineering, CAE analysis, design verification, project management, and product system integration. Based on a professional development team and comprehensive development capabilities. Strengthen new product development and provide customers with all-round satisfactory technical services.

  • Intellectual property

    Intellectual property

    Intellectual property is the best investment for the future of enterprise.

    Only in this way can the product be innovative and highly technical.

    Commercialize independent research and development and invest the future in a targeted manner.

Explore / Innovation
  • Exteriors


    Subvert tradition and uphold the idea of constant innovation. Develop functional, lightweight exterior products to achieve the reliability and stability of product and pursue perfect experience.
  • Interior


    Innovation drives the improvement of driving safety, comfort, environmental protection and achieve modularity and lightweight, and strive to create a perfect driving experience for end customers.
  • Power and fuel syste

    Power and fuel syste

    Always grasping the cutting-edge information, absorb superior technology and closely follow the development trend of the power and fuel system to create a safe, stable, low-emission fuel system for the stability of driving and customers.
  • Automotive Interior

    Automotive Interior

    Innovative skin technology provides more creative options for automotive interiors. The novel appearance and soft touch materials provide customers with aesthetic feeling and comfortable experience.